These are busy and stressful times. We probably don’t take enough time in our crowded daily schedules for a moment of relaxation, meditation, or prayer – whatever your religion maybe! But now there is an app that will help you out: MyRelax by Carlo Boschi (a noted Italian author) offers simple ways to reduce stress levels with just five minutes per day spent relaxing each way through different methods like deep breathing exercises which have been scientifically proven effective against tension headaches as well as improving sleep quality on nights when we’re having trouble sleeping due tiring easily after long days at work etc., perfect no matter what age group you belong too; kids included).

Relax and unwind with the soothing voice of Boschi, available on Android (soon), iPhone iPad iPod Touch. This guided meditation app will take you through simple exercises for mind relaxation in ten minutes or less! The easy instructions are accompanied by a relaxing instrumental soundtrack that is totally tuned in to each individual exercise moment – all it requires from your side is some time alone during these sessions; no physical effort is required at all.

MyRelax is a great way to help you deal with stress, improve sleep and health. It provides an excellent start of the day or while recharging after working hours. Meditation helps people remove sadness in all its forms – from examinations, physical activities like exercising, etc., regaining lost energy during these events by refocusing themselves outside their body where it’s easier at times than dealing with life on this planet! You can also offer My Relax sessions for individuals who need some private time away from the hustle & bustle that surrounds them every single second around us here today

My relax offers different types such as the Deepak Chopra meditation audio/video program which will guide users through various breathing exercises designed under Indian classical music played.

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